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Losing someone is hard.  Living life without our loved ones changes everything about who we are.  Grief can settle in and our world seems like a different place.  Our hearts left only to feel an absence, our minds to only re-live when someone use to be here.  It really doesn’t matter how someone passes, if it is known, or unknown, the impact to the soul is the same.  We miss them.  We go through days where tears and the longing just to talk with them, to see their face, for just one day, well, most of you that loved someone, know this and I don’t have to go any further.  So tell me, how did you overcome the loss of someone you loved?  How do you deal with the grief in your heart?  How long does it take?  Does the pain go away? 

Excerpt from:  Letting Go

Richard stares at the snow-covered yard, acknowledging the date approaching, it would have been their forty-seventh wedding anniversary.  He still replays, in his mind, the old days, when they were young and in love.  He thinks of his children, now all grown, with lives of their own.  He still talks with them, but has distanced himself for it’s easier not to be reminded… reminded of a life he use to have.  His head lowers, and finds it odd that it’s been ten years since his wife passed and still feels the pain within his heart every day. 

He replays those final months of taking care of her before cancer took her life.  He wonders if there was anything else he could have done for her all those years they were married.  Regret creeps up on him and the guilt sometimes cripples him. 

Excerpt from:  Gifts From Mom

       It’s been almost nine years and the woman talks as if it was yesterday.  She feels blessed she was with her mother on that day.

I asked her, “What do you miss the most about her? 

The woman smiles, giggles, and shakes her head and replies, “All the things that use to annoy me.  I know it sounds funny.  Her sayings:  Get off your high horse.  Sometimes you have to eat crow.  Quit lollygagging around.  I miss her good AND bad advice.  It’s everything really.  She was my friend.”

Excerpt from:  Flight – Fright – Fight

Some things change whether we want them to or not.  It’s easy staying within the safety of our own reality by living day-to-day, expecting things to remain the same.  For some, it does, but for others, life somehow shakes up our ‘normal’ world and gives us unexpected changes such as the loss of love, the ultimate devastation.

This can be lost in many ways, such as a loved one passing, a relationship, or marital breakup, being an abused child, the loss of a valued friendship, job, or a pet.  The impact to the heart and soul is the same in varying degrees.  How can one deal with it, especially when memories, dates, and things that remind us surface the pain.

It’s often been said, ‘time heals all wounds’.  I’ve yet to discover this to be true.


Being young and having fun… it goes together.  But, what about getting older – what do we do for fun?  I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like I’m a young person trapped in this older body.  The thoughts of being young still appeal to me, but let’s face it, the younger ones sit and shake their heads.  (I can remember doing this way, way back when 🙂  )  So, as we get older, what do we do for fun?  What is fun?  Is it out of the ordinary stuff?  Is it just being an observer and having the opportunity to laugh at others?  Middle age – what is fun?  Older – what is fun?  Finally – hey young ones, educate us, will ya!

Excerpt from :  Awareness – The Real World

Thank goodness for wild ideas!  My friend and I elected to ‘float’ the Shell Rock River on air mattresses.  We didn’t expect the journey we were about to encounter.  We were like new explorers traveling down the Amazon, gifted with the presence of wildlife and nature’s gifts. 

Our flip-flops flapping as we carefully ventured over the rocks to the water up ahead.  Carefully trying to compose ourselves onto the air raft, trying not to get wet (like that’s going to happen), we began our expedition.  The soft current slowly swept us down the river.  Ah, this is the life!  Off to the left, blue herons, their large bodies supported by twig legs, glanced at us from shore.  Like avid hunters closely watching the water, they were too busy to be scared off by us.  Above two bald eagles high above, catching wind currents.  One of them disappeared, the other soaring without a care in the world circled above.  Then like a child, realizing its parent was not it sight, took off like a 747 to find the other.  

Excerpt from:  Rollercoaster

Her friends decided to road trip to a location hours away, to surrender to the excitement of an amusement park.  It had been years since she ventured out to have fun.  When a decision was made to go on a ride, she couldn’t say no, for her friends might think she was a coward.  She sucked it up and suppressed her fear, especially when it came to ‘send you to the moon’ ride.  She and her friend sat there patiently, waiting, and then like a rocket, was shot up to the sky, (She thinks perhaps the clouds were not far away) then dropped like a bomb.  Whew!  That’s over – nope – it shot up again!  She knew that her stomach must have ended up on a nearby planet, and would eventually return.

            Then, the rollercoaster’s with their mountainous peaks, bumps and rickety sounds, some in circles, some straight up, then straight down.  She could handle that.  She was becoming braver. 

The next ride didn’t look that bad for the kids looked like they were enjoying it.  The adults didn’t look scared and they didn’t scream.  So, after careful consideration, she’d give it a try.  It actually looked pretty fun.  However, the crazy ‘turn you around and rock you to great heights’ machine was not as harmless as she thought.  She found if she kept her eyes closed, the horror was less intense.  She wondered how they were going to pry her hands off the handles because she had the ultimate death grip.  All these thoughts rapidly entered her mind, in the middle of praying for the ride to be over.

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Love… isn’t that what we’re all after anyway?  What happens when you get a ‘broken heart’?  What do you do if there’s a part of you that doesn’t believe in love anymore?  What is love really?  All textbook scenarios call for the same:  communication, trust, affection, respect, honesty, truth… it can go on.  Love from family, friends, relationships… is it different?  Or the same?  At what point do we say, “This isn’t love… What is it?”  How do we really know what love is?  Are we willing to settle?  Are we willing to continue the search?  Do we really possess it – in order to give it to others?  What do you think?  This whole love thing?

 Below is part of the short story:  Broken Heart

She looks down, he’s handed her back her heart, broken, shattered into pieces.  It wasn’t like that when she gave it to him.  Why, oh why did he do this?  In great trust, with great confidence, she handed it to him, to hold, to keep safe, to cherish, and to love.  But there she stands, with great sadness within her soul, her mind in utter shock of the situation. 

She turns away, trying to walk, but feels like she will collapse.  This is to much to bare, she tries to gather strength, strength enough to get her to a safe place.  She carefully holds her heart knowing she must not drop it, for her biggest fear is to lose the hope of love.  She gets home.  She looks down and stares, her eyes streaming with tears of sorrow.  Unable to comprehend, she pulls the cover over her head and weeps from the deepest part of her being. 

She remains lifeless trying to figure it all out. Why did he lie?  Why did he turn to someone else, especially when he said he loved her?  She searches, and with every part of her spirit, she cries out for help.  “Help me, please help me!”  She feels without her heart she will die.  She doesn’t want to; she doesn’t want to die, not this way.

Excerpt from:  Eyes of Fear

Sitting at her desk, Cathy doodled words and pictures.  The phone rings, her friend asks, “Hey what are you doing?” 

Cathy responded “Thinking of Anti-Valentines sayings.” 

“What?”  Her friend replied with confusion,  pausing for a moment.  “That means you don’t believe in love.” 

Cathy blurted out “Yea, maybe that’s true.  There’s no such thing as love.  It’s all fake.  No one lives happily ever after.  It’s all just a lie.  No one believes in THAT fairy tale anymore.  Love just doesn’t exist.  Look at the world out there!”

In our fast paced world, obesity is considered normal in the American way.  Children and adults are now struggling with being overweight.  What are your thoughts regarding obesity?  What do you think causes it?  Do you think people can be addicted to food – if not – or if so, explain?

Taken from “Have to Think About It” (part of the story)

Jennifer had heard a few friends in the past talk of food addiction, but never understood it.  Her lesson was about to be presented to her.

“You see, sometimes it is about how we are raised.  Having to finish our plates.  Don’t be wasteful.  There are all kinds of messages out there.  Sometimes it is about lifestyle.  Without thinking, I’d go through a drive through and order whatever sounded good.  When I’m at home, I’d usually just grab junk food to eat when I didn’t feel like cooking.”

“But Auntie” Her tone serious.

“This is my problem…When I am feeling stressed or worried, I eat to repress the feelings.  Rather that deal with life, sometimes I just find my comfort food and make the uneasy feelings go away.  I really didn’t believe it when I first read about it, but after documenting my patterns, there was a connection.”

Victoria writes two stories regarding alcoholism in which a character describes his drinking problem as a ‘disease’.  What are your thoughts regarding the ‘disease concept’?  What are your thoughts regarding alcoholism?  Have you or someone you know been affected by alcoholism?  How did you deal with it?  What are your feelings on the topic?

Excerpt from:  Day of Hope

It’s 11:00 p.m., she listens to the ticking of the clock wondering if he will make it home safe again tonight.  She tries to call him but there is no answer.  Each minute seems like eternity.  Their home life for some time has been in disarray, for the man she married, is not the man that lives in their house today.  She knows that there is a history of alcoholism in his family but she didn’t expect it to enter their home and take him prisoner.  She has tried to confront the situation but the nagging and ultimatums have not made a difference. 

She reflects on the day and the conversation she had with a counselor.  The counselor educated her that unfortunately, to break through his denial there usually had to be a negative consequence to disrupt his cycle of addiction.  She explained addiction has a way of conning the addict into believing there is not a problem.  It rationalizes, blames, and protects itself. 

Excerpt from:  Remission

I ask, “What is a disease?” 

In an educated voice, “A disease has identifiable signs and symptoms that are predictable and progressive.  If it is left untreated, it gets worse.  A disease is primary; which means nothing else is causing it.  It doesn’t go away, eventually gets worse and you can die if it goes untreated.”

He goes on to share, “I was very sick at one time.  My family became sick also, from the mental and emotional stress.  They changed their life and each took their own role.  My wife became an enabler.  She did things for me that I could do myself.  She always tried to guess…be a psychic, if you will, to what I would say, do or feel.  It was difficult for her to have to see me go through what I was.”

            He clears his throat, trying to repress his emotions, “And my kids, well the oldest tried to deal with it by being the perfect child.  The youngest tried to always cheer everyone up and made sure he broke the tension by cracking jokes.  The other two, well one shut down and the other rebelled.  It was hard for me to see this, until I became well.  The whole family was affected.”  He put his head down and thought a moment.  “It wasn’t easy getting well.  My mind played tricks on me.  There were times I wanted to give up, but I had to keep trying.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Someone once told me, insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.  I had to take a look at that because I almost lost everything.”

Greene’r Daze is a collection of Life Inspirational Short Stories that address the topics of having fun, road rage, alcoholism, depression, eating disorders and much more. 

Feel free to comment and interact within the blog page with any questions, comments or suggestions.  I’d love to hear from you.

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